16 feet of endless possibilities!

What can you do with Cosmic Color Ribbons?  Check out this video submitted by one of our customers.  The centerpiece tree is made of Cosmic Color Ribbons:



Light-O-Rama’s CR150D Cosmic Color Ribbon is a flexible, weatherproof strip, 16.4 feet long (5 meters) with 150 super bright RGB (Red Green Blue) based LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) spaced evenly along its length.


What is a Light-O-Rama Cosmic Color Ribbon

The Cosmic Color Ribbon is 5 meters long (just over 16 feet) with 150 RGB based LEDs that can be broken into upto 50 addressable sections or pixels.  Every single pixel is under your full control and can be any color at any time.  Each Cosmic Color Ribbon includes a dedicated controller and power supply that can be part of a standard LOR data network.


Each Cosmic Color Ribbon includes a sophisticated, 150 channel controller that operates in a number of intelligent modes making sequencing much easier.  Also included is a universal power supply (110-240VAC) to power the controller and ribbon.

The Cosmic Color Ribbon has 150 super bright RGB LEDs spaced evenly along one side of a 197” flexible circuit board and is made weatherproof by sealing it in a rectangular UV resistant silicone tube.

The Cosmic Color Ribbon CR150D controller is enclosed in an aluminum box.  The separate 12 VDC power supply is universal voltage capable.  These two components must be housed in a weatherproof box for outside use.

Cosmic Color Ribbon includes controller and power supply Closeup: 1 of 50 pixels of a Cosmic Color Ribbon
Cosmic Color Ribbon includes controller and power supply Closeup: 1 of 50 pixels in a Cosmic Color Ribbon


The Cosmic Color Ribbon controller is daisy chained using standard Cat5 data cables into a Light-O-Rama data network like any other Light-O-Rama controller.  The Cosmic Color Ribbon controller also has an accessory power supply allowing it to be used with wireless units and/or one of the Light-O-Rama ShowTime Directors.

Our ShowTime Sequencing Suite is used to design and build the light sequences (controller commands that may be choreographed to audio/music.)  These user-created sequences and/or pre-programmed musical sequences available from Light-O-Rama are then arranged into shows.  The shows are played by your Microsoft Windows based personal computer or a Light-O-Rama ShowTime Director.



Already have a communications infrastructure using DMX-512 typically used in the entertainment industry?  We’ve got you covered.  Light-O-Rama light controllers are smart enough to analyze the type of data network they are connected to and adapt to DMX-512 if needed.  Depending on the unique network assigned to your Light-O-Rama controller, it will occupy that DMX-512 address plus the next 149 (for a 150 channel controller.)  The control channels (depending on the controller) must be in the same DMX-512 universe.


Cosmic Color Ribbons in action!

With a little help from our SuperStar Add-On for our Sequence Editor, or the Pro level Pixel Editor, you can do amazing things!

Looking for even more information on our Cosmic Color Ribbons?  Read the instruction manual or see more in our store.



Cosmic Color Ribbons in a Light-O-Rama network

Basic layout including Cosmic Color Ribbons, Pixels and Bulbs

1.  The Light-O-Rama ShowTime Sequencing Suite works on your personal computer running Microsoft Windows and allows you to design your own shows. The ShowTime Sequencing Suite then runs your shows and sends the right commands at the right time to the various control channels.  The ShowTime Sequencing Suite can even keep music synchronized to the controller commands.

2.  Speakers to play the music accompanying your show are attached to the computer sound card.

3.  Your personal computer communicates to the controllers using a device plugged into your computer’s serial or USB communications port.  The blue line shows the standard serial output of your computer (RS-232 or USB) out of your PC where it enters our converter that transforms the signal to the native Light-O-Rama network protocol (the green line) that connects to our various types of controllers over standard computer network wire.  We recommend Cat 5 LAN cables available from us and off-the-shelf from your local big box store in the computer section.

4.  The Light-O-Rama professional or residential ready-to-go controllers include special effects such as simple on/off, intensities, smooth fading, twinkling, shimmering.  Over 200 controllers can be daisy chained, mixed and matched on the LOR network giving you the ability to control thousands of channels.  Need more channels?  Add another Light-O-Rama network.

5.  Electrical power is supplied to the controller placed close to your lights so you don’t need to run long extension cords.  Commands from the Software Sequencing Suite are performed on each controller.  Power to each of the attached lighting circuits is controlled independently.  Think of having many dimmer switches that the computer can change very quickly and independently.

6.  Connection to the Cosmic Color Ribbon controllers.  Multiple ribbons can be daisy-chained like all other controllers on a Light-O-Rama network.  Note: each Cosmic Color Ribbon controller includes a power supply requiring a connection to primary power just like number 5 above.

7.  Connection to the Cosmic Color Pixel/Bulb controllers.  Multiple CCP/CCBs can be daisy-chained like all other controllers on a Light-O-Rama network.  Note: each Cosmic Color Pixel/Bulb controller includes a power supply requiring a connection to primary power just like number 5 above.


We hired a professional film crew to make a video of the Cosmic Color Ribbon but backed out at the last minute because they were hired to work on the next Star Wars movie.  The guys in the back created their own super geeky movie.



Are the Cosmic Color Ribbons bright?  In the indoor video above, to see the colors the camera had to be set to a very low light sensitivity and a dark neutral filter was used.  The video is of poor quality but does provide a glimpse of the Cosmic Color Ribbon capabilities.  The brilliant LED colors are not at all replicated and some of the faster action is missed by the camera.  We are working to get videos that truly represent the colors and actions achievable with the Cosmic Color Ribbon.  In the videos the Cosmic Color Ribbon is attached to a PVC pipe (not included).