Who won our 2014 Halloween contest?

Category 1:  Angela  Prejean

Angela  Prejean of Sugar land, TX, United States.  I wanted to create a fun and “Happy” (not scary) Halloween for children through adults to enjoy. We have people lining up in their cars to listen which makes me smile.  I have 5 songs programmed through a radio station so it doesn’t disturb my neighbors.




Category 2:  Buffy Gwyn

Buffy Gwyn of Groom, Texas, United States.  Gwyn’s Groovy Graveyard is located in Groom, TX population 500.  This display utilizes 144 LOR channels and 191 RGB pixels.  My husband and I love this hobby mostly because we can do it together.  Cecil enjoys building our props and I enjoy designing and sequencing.  We decided to keep our display kid friendly without all the scary blood and guts to appeal to all ages. We have 8 friendly ghosts, 8 tombstones, 5 8ft.firesticks, 75 strobes, a guitar player, a drummer, a dancing skeleton, a 10ft x 10ft spider web, many flood lights, C9s outline the yard and RGBs surround each window.  The actual stars of the show are 4 huge singing faces on the roof top.  Outlining the yard are 20 lighted Jack-O-Lanterns. Three inflatable spiders adorn the roof while an inflatable witch with her black cat help make the display enjoyable during the day.  We open our season the first Saturday in October with a huge Halloween Block Party.  A local celebrity MC’s the event while hundreds of families come out to enjoy the festivities.  The entire crowd is fed gourmet hotdogs with homemade chili.  Baked Beans, chips, and homemade pickles and relishes are also served.  A baking contest is held that provides many delish desserts for the crowd.  The baking contest is so competition (granddaughter VS. grandmoms) that I had to bring in a professional baker to judge.  We also have a Jack-O-lantern contest too.  Large rosettes are given to all the winners. A special treat is when Santa Claus makes an appearance to make sure everyone is being good and to personally invite everyone back to our Christmas Light Show.  We rent three huge inflatable slides/jumpies which fill our neighbor’s yard across the street to keep the children busy while they waiting for the sun to drop below the horizon.  At dark, the spectacular light show begins with the song “Thriller”.  Our local cheerleaders dressed as zombies come out of the fog filled garage and dance for the crowd on the driveway.  The driveway has a huge disco ball hanging over it with lasers lighting the dance floor.  The light show carries on into the night while everyone dances until exhausted. The best part is the entire event is FREE, we charge nothing and only ask that people please donate to our favorite charity, The Groom Helping Hands Food Pantry.  Our entire community looks forward to this event and we love doing it!  Pictures and other information are posted on our facebook page.  www.facebook.com/GwynsGroovyGraveyard