Contest Winners Christmas 2017

Be inspired by these contest winners!

Who won our 2017 Shining Bright Christmas contest?

Grand Prize:    Zachary Sussin

Zachary Sussin of Saugerties, New York, United States. This year we decided to keep our display mostly static with a few animated elements such as the leaping arches and shooting stars. We also added a pixel tree this year with 2400 LOR pixels and 3 pixie16 controllers. Our display was featured on Season 5 of ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight.

Category 1: Sam Finney

Sam Finney of Crossett, Arkansas, United States.My display Is designed to bring out the true meaning and story of christmas. It is on the traditional style of of use of lights and homemade items that are one of the kind. It take about 5-6 weeks to put it all up with one part time helper. Can be viewed on youtube under “Finneys christmas wonderland 2017 Loop”. The display draws people from three states.

Category 2: Omar Alvarado

Omar Alvarado of Cuenca, Azuay, Equador. This is my second Christmas show. I used: 1 CTB16PC, 1 CMB16D, 4 CMB24D, 1 PixCon16. All the lights are LED. All my show was made by me with recycled material (demijohns, mega tree left. pet bottles, mega tree right. central tree with old transparent square tubes and old pallets.

Category 3: James Pugliese

James Pugliese of Coppell, Texas. This a show to ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen. I had wanted to do this foe a few years now, but never had the display design that I wanted to show it off with. If you look on the left side of the screen, there is also a video running. I hope you enjoy it.

Category 4:  Schlania Bercaw

Schlania Bercaw of Wesley Chapel, Florida. This is my first year using Light-O-Rama and although it is not perfect and the video does not show my whole house I think it turned out very well. I love LOR.

Category 5: Allen Hallberg

Allen Hallberg of Coon Rapids, Minnesota. My wife has always wanted outside Christmas lights. So, after 31 years of marriage, we went BIG in our first year of doing an outside display. After purchasing 12 LOR controllers (192 channels), 4 ELLs, and the TSO Showtime Starter Kit, we built a number of display elements to decorate the 3 sides of our corner-lot house; all 3 sides are visible from the street. The elements we displayed include a 23 foot Mega Tree with 2 colors and using (32) LOR channels, (3) 30-foot pine trees decorated with (700) C7 bulbs and using (4) LOR channels , a 7-foot and a 9-foot swirl tree, 21 other various sized mini-trees, 4 leaping arches (2-colors and 16 LOR channels each), a front hedge decorated with 9,900 lights and using 11 channels, 2 other large trees with branches that were wrapped in lights, (2) Holdman stars with 3 LOR channels on each of them, as well as many other light features on the entire house and deck. The 60,182 bulb display was comprised of approximately 70% incandescent, and 30% LED bulbs.

Category 6: Quintin Stephens

Quinten Stephens of Katy, Texas.

This is my fourth year of doing an animated display. I think I use LOR products in an unusual way, in that, I create fully automated instruments and musicians. I (currently) have 8 16-channel LOR controllers and grow each year. Folks think I am crazy because I spend an awful lot of time in the street watching my own show, because I love it so much.

Category 7: Steve Gregg

Steve Gregg of Carlsbad, California. This is my second year for this display. Feel it still, Uptown Funk, and Can’t stop the Feeling are new this year. Here are some specs: 2 – PixCon16 controllers, 3 – CTB16PC controllers, 1 – LOR160x Controller, 3 – CMB24D controllers, 2 – CCR Controllers, 1 – CCB Controller, About 16K lights total, 1,568 Smart Pixels, 15 Dumb Pixels, 64 AC channels. I broadcast via FM transmitter and speakers hidden under the small trees.

Category 8: Daniel Hatfield

Daniel Hatfield of Mackay, Queensland, Australia. Hardware; 1 x LOR CTB16PC 240V output controller; 4 x LOR CMB-24D dumb RGB controllers; 5 x LOR PixCon16 pixel controllers; Over 22,500 individual LEDs (half being smart pixels); Over 580 metres of LED ribbon light; 8 x LOR 10W floodlights. Voltages of ribbons are 5V(WS2812B pixels) 12V (WS2811 pixels and dumb RGB) and 24V (dumb RGB). Software: LOR S4 Suite V4.3.22. This is my first year using pixels, and my second year of running a sequenced display. There 10 sequenced tracks in this year’s show, which features a 5m high mega tree and a 4.8×2.2m pixel matrix (64px H x 144px W) on the garage door (the door remains fully operational at all times), as well as numerous dumb RGB strips to outline the various features of the house and garden. The CTB16PC 240V controller mostly runs relays to control 24v dumb RGB strips on the mini helicopter and mini tree on the front of the house, with a few channels used for garden outlines and palm tree trunk LED wraps. I use E1.31 protocol for the PixCon16’s and LOR 500k network for the remainder. All lights are LED’s; no projectors or lasers. The show is fully automated and I use an Apple laptop running Boot Camp Windows 10. Like most, I use an FM transmitter to broadcast the music. Electricity cost per day to run the show is approx. AU$0.34. This is an awesome hobby which combines my love of engineering (mechanical engineer), electronics and music into one. I spend most of my spare time on it – usually after our two boys under 6yrs of age have gone to bed :). It’s a hobby that I love and so many others can enjoy the results – for free! All tracks are chosen and custom sequenced by me (no “off the shelf”/purchased sequences) I spend all year sequencing and getting new hardware pre-fabricated to reduce setup time when Christmas arrives. I love the LOR software suite and hardware; it truly is a COMPLETE package.

Category 9: James Shelby

James Shelby of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. This much-loved lights display in Broken Arrow Oklahoma began in 1982 and has been attracting thousands of visitors ever since. Over 200,000 annual visitors witness over two million lights and over 250,000 shimmering bulbs synchronized to Christmas music. Visitors can drive through the lights in their own vehicle, get out of the car and walk around the park, or view the spectacular displays from a Horse-drawn carriage. Don’t miss the Rhema Park bridge, complete with over 90,000 lights draped across the bridge alone. Synchronized to both classic and modern Christmas music, these lights have delighted visitors of all ages.

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