Who won our 2014 Christmas contest?

Grand Prize:  Bryan Greenwood

Bryan Greenwood of Monterey Park, California United States  We knew everyone would be doing FROZEN this year so we made sure our show was a little different.  We used rock versions of all the songs from the movie (except “In Summer”), with the two snow people singing the songs while the characters (Anna, Elsa, Olaf) danced to ‘their’ respective song.  Unfortunately the snowmen’s faces are overexposed in the video (I need a better camera!). I have added the animation of the snow people singing to the upper right corner of the edited video to show you what the audience was seeing.The snow people’s faces each have 400 RGB pixels.  The hexagon RGB screen in the center of the 22′ snowflake is 5′ across and made up of 900 pixels.  I made the snow people animation in CRAZY TALK 7 and the dance moves for the Frozen characters in MIKU MIKU DANCE.  The Frozen 3D models were ripped form the Disney Infinity game.


Category 1:  Alex Dourov

Alex Dourov of Livermore, CA United States  First of all, I run the extremely popular website California Christmas Lights, com, where I have exhaustively catalogued great Christmas displays from all over California. What sets this website apart from ALL of the other outrageous or tacky display sites is that I stay in contact with ALL of the display owners and get yearly updates from them, thus have up to date info each year about the displays.
As to my own display its humble beginning started in 1992 when we moved into a brand new house, where I trenched the yard so that I could install 12  8-outlet boxes around the yard (plus a few more for the roof lines), providing up to 80 amps of power. I used as much as 72 amps in the incandescent days, but have significantly reduced wattage with LED technology.  According to San Francisco CBS Television and Radio “Don’t skip this fabulous facade on Knottingham Circle, featuring a mix of old school decor and modern green lighting. Santas and more are mixed in with the latest in LED lighting and technology. This display, a favorite stop of Santa, will wow kids and adults alike. Seems like the folks on Knottingham Circle don’t want global warming to melt Santas workshop.” Many items are unique and one-of-a-kind including the hand made PEACE ON EARTH sign, the MERRY CHRISTMAS sign, a Holdman star, 8 foot tall candy canes, numerous plywood cutouts and the Peace sign. Ten foot “mega trees” with hundreds of lights grace the two sides of this majestic display, and a 6 foot tall carved wood Santa stands at the front door. I still use a 6 channel Mr. Christmas music/light show that actually looks pretty good because of the unique way my son and I have wired the channels across the yard. Yes, that is a virtual Santa in the upstairs window, which has been a tremendous hit with children and adults alike.



Category 2:  Justin  Bittle

Justin  Bittle of Peoria, AZ United States  My name is Justin Bittle and live in Peoria AZ. This is my 3rd year using LOR and love it! I plan on adding a mega tree next year. This is one of about 12 songs I have.
I have somewhere around 16,000 LED lights or so. All the trees and arches I built out of Pvc pipe. Most of my programing is done on my down time at the fire station on my laptop. I always loved Christmas and love music and lights! My wife finds me across the road sometimes just watching my own Christmas lights!



Category 3:  Bryan  Bartlett

Bryan  Bartlett of Ellicott City, MD United States  This is our 3rd year using Light-O-Rama. We are up to 37,000 lights in our display. This year we had the lights synchronized to 47 different song for about an hour long show. Every single thing you see in the video is homemade. We just buy the string of lights, make our displays and program them with three 16-channel controllers. Everything is done by myself, my wife and our two children (9 & 6 years old). Thank you!



Category 4:  Mike Benedetti

Mike Benedetti of Corinth, Texas United States  After listening to my daughter sing “Let if Go” and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” from Frozen for the past year I had to do something.  With the added pressure from my great nieces, ages 2, 4 and 7, (rather their parents) this was the result.  With 112 LOR Channels, 48 LOR RGB Channels and approx 28 thousand lights i was the hero!  The trees, mega-tree and window star were all home made.




Category 5:  Jeff Maxey

Jeff Maxey of YUCAIPA, California United States  16 Houses using 336 channels all working together for the show, its a big task to get this many people to work together. We started with 3 houses for about 5 years, this will be our third year with everyone on board. We plan to add more in next years show.  This year we found a way to film the show, it is difficult to do over such a large area, (so enter Drone), our video will help explain the display and what what I mean.



Category 6:  Jamie  Taylor

Jamie  Taylor of WARWICK, Queensland Australia  Family light show for the community to celebrate the birth of Jesus.



Category 7:  Farrel Whitley

Farrel Whitley of San Saba, TX United States  Starting three years ago with three control boxes our light display now uses eleven control boxes, cat 5 cable and one transmitter and receiver. Nearly twenty thousand feet of extension cord is used to reach two 20′ mega-trees, four in house made 22′ tall snowmen, and a 160′ long tunnel using  32,000 lights all covering 15 acres of a public park that includes a pond and waterfall. The light show is sequenced to over 20 Christmas, pop, and TSO recording.