• COVID-19 and Light-O-Rama

    Here’s the official source for Light-O-Rama information related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As of April 15, 2020: COVID-19 Announcement! Our…

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  • Photo of Upgrade from S3/S4 to S5

    Upgrade from S3/S4 to S5

    Ready to upgrade to the latest version of Light-O-Rama software?  ShowTime 5 (aka: S5) combines Sequence Editor, Pixel Editor and…

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  • Photo of Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Confused and have a question?  Chances are we already have the answer because you’re not the first one to ask. …

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  • Photo of Unit ID Suggestions

    Unit ID Suggestions

    We’re all about consistency at Light-O-Rama but it’s easy to get confused because there’s so much you can do with…

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  • Photo of Documentation


    We’re not going to leave you looking for information.  Here’s more documentation than you could imagine. Product Description CB100D Cosmic…

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  • Photo of Firmware Updates

    Firmware Updates

    Sometimes you have to change the way those little computers inside Light-O-Rama products think.  The magic happens in something we…

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  • Photo of Consulting


    Where do you begin? Got a big job and don’t know where to begin?  Consider Light-O-Rama consulting.  We’ve got the…

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  • Photo of Custom Configurations

    Custom Configurations

    Connect your lights and special effects to various types of Light-O-Rama controllers.  Use your computer to determine the time line…

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  • Photo of Support


    We’re here to help! Confused?  Looking for a little help?  We have you well covered. Light-O-Rama is a bit like…

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  • Photo of Warranties


    Light-O-Rama warrants to the first end-user all hardware and parts thereof against defects in material and workmanship for a period…

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  • Photo of Typical Setups

    Typical Setups

    How does it all fit together? Synchronizing lights, music, video and motion isn’t complicated if you understand how all the…

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  • Photo of 4 x 4 Decorating

    4 x 4 Decorating

    There’s little doubt the first time you think about a show and how to connect controllers to all your different…

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  • Photo of Setting the Controller Unit ID

    Setting the Controller Unit ID

    Light-O-Rama controllers are connected to a data network for communications.  In typical configurations the controllers are daisy-chained so each requires…

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  • Photo of Light-O-Rama Partner Near You

    Light-O-Rama Partner Near You

    Got a big project and need some guidance?  Trained Light-O-Rama partners are a great resource.  They’re easy to talk to…

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  • Photo of Where Do You Start?

    Where Do You Start?

    You might have the controllers needed for your computer to flash the lights, move the robot or trigger the smoke…

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