Purchased some Light-O-Rama hardware but somehow missed the part about connecting it to a computer?  We’ve created a basic starter package to make things a bit easier.


Lights Starter Package layout

Don't have what you need to connect Light-O-Rama to your computer?

We provide the software, adapter and cables to hook everything to your Windows based computer.  Connect to your existing Light-O-Rama hardware and you’re good to go.


The generic starter package has everything you need to connect to your existing Light-O-Rama equipment and turn your Windows based PC into the command center of a sophisticated light show. With the included software, adapter and cables you have the tools and connectivity to put your PC in full control of your lights.

What’s in the basic starter package?


ShowTime Sequencing Suite Software

Our latest ShowTime Sequencing Suite software.  You pick the level (Basic through Pro) depending on your sequencing needs.
USB485 Converter USB485 adapter to convert the way your computer talks to the way the light controllers talk.  There are several available depending on your setup and future needs.
USB-Cable USB cable with filters to connect your computer the the USB485 adapter.
Network Cable Up to a 100′ data cable to connect the USB485 adapter (usually next to your computer) to your Light-O-Rama hardware
CTB16PC 16 channel residential controller CTB16PC Residential 16 channel high voltage light controller


See more information about the Starter Package in our on-line store


Looking for music where the lights already dance?

If you are concerned that you may not have what it takes to create a show, rest assured that pre-sequenced musical shows (not included) will make this package a truly plug-and-play system.  Be sure to check out our sequence store.



Remember the lights!

Our high voltage controllers can work with most lights.  Think of the Light-O-Rama high voltage controller as 16 light switches.  Those switches control 16 different electrical circuits in the room.  If you can plug your lights into a wall outlet and they work, then chances are the Light-O-Rama controller can handle them when plugged into our controller.


Special consideration for light strings with built-in controllers

We do NOT recommend using the light strings with built-in controllers.  Only one computer should control the lights and if the built-in controller is being controlled by an external Light-O-Rama controller then unpredictable results will happen.