Electrical Specifications



  • Channel Capacity: 8 amps per channel with heatsink installed( 16 amp triacs are used.)


  • Board Capacity: Maximum of 20 amps


  • Isolation: Opto isolators are used to isolate high and low voltage sides. Triacs are isolated. Parts are UL listed.


  • Supply Voltage: 120/240VAC 50/60Hz


  • Connections: Terminal Strips 20amp 12AWG max.


  • Control Input: RS485 RJ45 or RJ11






  • Director: Unit can control other units as well as its own 8 channels.


  • Input: Unit can monitor inputs to start sequences.


  • Addressing: Up to 240 possible addresses. Each address can represent up to 8000 circuits.


  • Fading: 256 levels used for smooth fading effects. Fades from 0.1 to 25 seconds.


  • Dimming: 100 levels (0% 100%)


  • Effects: Ramp, Fade, Flicker, Shimmer


  • Sequences: Multiple internal sequences


  • Presets: High-burn and low-burn settings.