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You control the lights, music, video and special effects

What does Light-O-Rama do?  We allow you to control the show!

Create something amazing where all your lights and special effects are perfectly synchronized to the music and video.  Light-O-Rama provides the hardware and software to make the magic that dazzles the crowds.  Our off-the-shelf controllers combined with award winning sequencing tools give you the power to synchronize lights and special effects.

Not sure how it all fits together?  Start small, master the basics and get ready to dazzle!  Watch our videos to see how a few of our customers use Light-O-Rama technology.  Checkout some of the typical setups.  Let your imagination become the only limitation. We make it easy.


Control the Show

With Light-O-Rama's latest version of the ShowtTime Suite you are in full control of everything about the show.

ShowTime Sequencing Suite does it all!

The ShowTime Sequencing Suite gives you total control of every channel, sound an d video. Take full control of how your lights dance to the music and when the special effects kick in. Used by thousands of companies and individuals around the world, the ShowTime Sequencing Suite lets you dazzle the audiences.


Any light, any color, any time

Pixels? We got 'em. Smart pixels, dumb pixels and the controllers that make the magic. You're going to amaze everyone.

Light-O-Rama = Pixels

What's a pixel? It's a light you can make any color of the rainbow. Light-O-Rama pioneered show pixels with our Cosmic Color ribbons, floods. We've been on the cutting edge from the beginning as we help you dazzle the crowds. Dumb pixels? Think an entire string, ribbon or flood being any one color you need. Smart pixels? Any light or group of lights along the ribbon or string can be any color at any time and under your total control. How do you control all the pixels? With Light-O-Rama dumb, smart or advanced pixel controllers.


Lights. Motion. Music. Action!

Light-O-Rama products allow you to synchronize the lights, special effects and music, just like a symphony conductor.

You're in full control of the show

With Light-O-Rama products you can control all of the lights (high and low voltage), pixels, servos, digital I/O and sensors. Synchronize everything to music or your own audio track. Create different shows for different audiences or have remote triggers responding to what the crowd wants. Your imagination becomes the only limitation.

It’s all about the Light-O-Rama Big Picture

Don’t know what you’re going to need a year from now? No need to worry. The Light-O-Rama ecosystem is designed to grow as you do. If you’re controlling simple lights today and want to add sophisticated pixel technology, Light-O-Rama is already there to make it easy. Want to control other external devices as part of your show? Just find the right Light-O-Rama controller and add it to what you already have.

Our goal is to make it easy for you as your needs evolve. Never forgot with Light-O-Rama we make it easy. Control the show!



Make your house the envy of the neighborhhod.

Residential Controllers

The lowest cost way or running a show from your Windows based computer. Dazzle the world while making your computer do all the hard work. See our residential starter package.

Professional Controllers

Need heavy-duty, profession light controllers? Light-O-Rama has you well covered.

Professional Controllers

Working at the professional level? Need controllers that can withstand the hard knocks of continuous field use? Our commercial grade controllers are meant for the demanding users.

Do It Yourself

Good with a soldering iron? Assemble your own high-voltage light controller.

DIY Light Controllers

Looking for a great way to brag how you assembled your light controllers from almost nothing? Light-O-Rama has a line of high voltage controller kits. All you need is some time and know how to solder.

ShowTime Central

Use a ShowTime Central to control your show. No need for a dedicated PC.

ShowTime Central

Aren't ready to dedicate a computer and sound system to your display? Our ShowTime Central allows you to run all of your controllers and broadcast the audio on FM radio.