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Your imagination is the only limitation

Ready to take full control of your show?  Watch our videos and let your imagination become the only limitation of what can be accomplished.  Light-O-Rama provides the tools and you supply the creativity.

What's hot this year?

RGB based pixels. Think any light, any color at anytime. See more...

RGB Based Pixels are the next big thing

You can control almost any light by dimming or turning it on/off.  What if you could also control the color of the light?  It’s called RGB pixel technology based on combining the light colors of red, green and blue.  We’ll help you get started.
Learn about RGB

You Control the Show!

Light-O-Rama allows you to syncronize lights and special effects to music. See more...

You Control the Show

Basic lights are so boring.   Let Light-O-Rama allow you to synchronize them to music and control the show.  We have the controllers, animation software and latest generation pixel technology to make you a star!
Typical Setups

Looking for great ideas?

See some customer created shows submitted to Light-O-Rama. See more...

Our customers present:

Looking for inspiration?  Watch some videos submitted by our customers.  Take your time and explore the creativity shown by so many.  We get our best ideas from here.


Looking for great sequences?

We've got great shows ready for you to dazzle the world. See more...

Light-O-Rama's Sequence Store

Not into making your own shows?  Let our award winning creatives dazzle your audience with pre-built shows.  They’re designed using the 4×4 decorating concept and look good on any venue.  Watch the videos to see for yourself.
Sequence Store

You control the lights, music, video and special effects

What does Light-O-Rama do?  We allow you to control the show!

Create something amazing where all your lights and special effects are perfectly synchronized to the music and video.  Light-O-Rama provides the hardware and software to make the magic that dazzles the crowds.  Our off-the-shelf controllers combined with award winning sequencing tools give you the power to synchronize lights and special effects.

Not sure how it all fits together?  Start small, master the basics and get ready to dazzle!  Watch our videos to see how a few of our customers use Light-O-Rama technology.  Checkout some of the typical setups.  Let your imagination become the only limitation. We make it easy.

Lighting Starter

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Already have the lights? Just get our controllers.


RGB Starter

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We have a great RGB starter package to make it easy.


Generic Starter

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Already have LOR hardware? Now connect it.


It’s all about the Light-O-Rama ecosystem

Don’t know what you’re going to need a year from now? No need to worry. The Light-O-Rama ecosystem is designed to grow as you do. If you’re controlling simple lights today and want to add sophisticated pixel technology, Light-O-Rama is already there to make it easy. Want to control other external devices as part of your show? Just find the right Light-O-Rama controller and add it to what you already have.

Our goal is to make it easy for you as your needs evolve. Never forgot with Light-O-Rama we make it easy. Control the show!

AC Controllers

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Easily control 110-240VAC lights

Christmas lights, flood lights, mood lights?  You name it and we can control it.  See more of our Ready-To-Go high voltage controllers.

AC Controllers

RGB Controllers

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Get into RGB dumb pixels

With RGB (Red/Green/Blue) technology you make the entire light string, ribbon or flood any color you want.  We make it easy with our CMB24D controller.

RGB Controller

Pixel Controllers

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Any light, any color, anytime.

Think any light, any color at any time.  They’re called smart pixels.  You’re in full control of every light on the string.  Imagine the possibilities!

Pixel Controller

DIY Kits

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Assemble your own controller

Are you pretty good with tools?  Know how to solder?  Do some of the high voltage AC controller assembly yourself and save money.  We make it easy.

Pixel Controller

What’s new at Light-O-Rama?


We’ve been listening carefully and have been diving more deeply into RGB pixel technology. We didn’t realize years ago when we introduced our Cosmic Color Ribbon that it could lead to such incredible creativity by our customers. Any light, any color at anytime is our mantra at Light-O-Rama.

Our ShowTime Sequencing Suite introduces a level above Advance we’re calling Pro and includes the new Pixel Editor designed for the Light-O-Rama environment. To greatly oversimplify what it can do: create a prop like a pixel tree based on sixteen 50 pixel ribbons, choose from an assortment of predefined moving patterns (pinwheel, text, meteors, etc.), place the moving patterns on the music timeline any way you want and you’re done. The results will show up in the Sequence Editor on a separate track allowing you to continue tweaking all the other channels just like you’re already comfortable doing. Read more in my blog.